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Hi and thanks for stoping by to know us better and what we can do for you: We are a Internet Marketing Company what send out Millions of emails per month -

Massive Internet Marketing Campaigns. 

USA, Canada and worldwide to selected potencial Client´s  to advertise your Buisness you want to grow and sell what you have to offer.

The main goal of New Generation Web is, undoubtedly, to meet the needs of our customers. Our strengths are: experience, customer service and commitment. We are a competent and efficient Team, with extensive technical knowledge. We offer a  wide  range of high quality products at very competitive prices. We back it with a Team that  is characterized by its cordial and spirit of service. We would love to show you all the possibilities and options we have available.                  


What you can do with us:
New Generation Web
Owned by Promotora de Actividades Turisticas Mexicanas S.A. de C.V. since 1993
New Generation Web we are promoting all types of businesses with massive Internet Marketing Campains to million of Prospects worldwid.
New Generation Web VIP Travel is a unic concept to advertise and helps Time Share Owners to sell their week´s  they are not using every year. 

New Generation Web Buy & Sell Real Estate-

With our low cost , we will save you thousands of dollars in commission...

New Generation Web Qualified Travel- if you are not a Owner you maid want to know for a very low priced week and 90 minutes of your time,why so many People join the Club to travel  with lot´s of Benefits and how much you could save....


What we do for you:
New Generation Web is a powerful massive email Post Master a Generator of business on the Internet.
New Generation Web is helping the Hotel Industry Mexico, US and Canada to have more occupancy.
New Generation Web help¨s Timeshare Owners to rent their week´s or resell their Membership with a unic concept what garantees all money back to the Buyer....ASK US !
New Generation Web is the most inexpensive way to direct Advertising on the Internet to get instant results and earn money.


Internet Marketing is for many year now the # 1 way of Advertising to sell anything! Advertising is a must when you want to sell something.
Do you advertise on Websites,  Facebook, al social
Forums, Rental and Resell Company´s and so on?
Waiting that´s maybe somebody see´s your advertising?

Did you have results?
Change now to direct Internet Marketing and get results!!!!

Millions of Prospect´s  seeing your advertising per month!  Our emails arriving direct in the in box, equally like to yours, as well to Travelers what would like to take a Week vacation and enjoying the Futures and Benefits what comes with your week and what we will add on.......makes that more sense than waiting for a maybe?

Remember Advertising is 100% Tax write off, you have NOTHING TO LOSE!

We are 100% convinced that with us your needs will be solved!



New Generation Web

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Owned by Promotora de Actividades Turisticas Mexicanas S.A.de .C.V 

Founded  1993 

Puerto Vallarta Jalisco

48290 Mexico

+52 3222996279

customer-service@ newgenerationweb.com.mx

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