Qualified Travel 

Legal Advise to make reservation with Qualified Travel :  

This makes you eligible to reserve one of this very low priced weeks with Qualified Travel : 

You have to be 35 to 65 years of age, married and 1 Credit Card to qualified for this Resorts invitations and to visit a 90 min. Resort Ownership Presentation. There is no Obligation to buy anything but 3 out of 10 do because of all the savings and Benefits the have for many years to come. Breakfast time is not incluted in the 90 minutes. We pay also for you Taxi boughs ways

For Resort Owners:  

You need to bring the First Page of your Agreement, or check in as none Owners.

If you don´t have the required Document with you, the Resort will not honor your reservation and the Resort will charge Rack Rate.

After Reservation is confirmed for you, their is NO REFUND !


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To enjoy a fabulous vacation time for this low cost Vacation Package, you have to be 35 to 75 years of age, Married and we like to ask  for 90 minutes of your time while you are staying and visiting one of the most beautiful Resorts in Latin America. Includes Taxi back and for an amazing Breakfast for everyone......

90 min. Resort Ownership Presentation at Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit                        

You have no oblication to purchase anything but 3 out of 10 do join the Club because of all the savings and Benefits they are going to have on their vacations for many years to come. 

Restriction applies: In case and or  for any reason you do not give us this 90 minutes of your time, the Resort will charge you  for not attending the Resort Presentation by Checkout Rack Rate..

Just 200 Vacation Packages avalible per month for Usd $  299.00

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Send USD 299.00 via PayPal secure transfer click on the Link:   http://bit.ly/1R5lfeQ  

Please notice: 100% refund with PayPal up to 180 days if we would not complete your Reservation. 

Reservation confirmation in less then 5 days or 100% $$$ back.



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We will ensure, you have a nice Vacation.   

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