V.I.P. Travel

Resort Owner Weeks :

The Better Way to travel With lots of Benefits  are included in the price !
We have a special Gift for you....
TWO FREE AIRLINE TICKETS   incluted in any week you rent from a Resort Owner
Taxes not incluted
Restriction: How to use, please ask
Airport Pick up & return

Free Massages

Activity Discounts

Free Gym to use

Free Internet in your Room

Free rounds of Golf

and much more.....

The Owner paid thousands of dollars for their Resort Ownership  to have this Benefits you will pay very little against that....

Reserve your week here with us and save yourself the money what you would pay to a Travel Agency using such great Benefits.

Check it out and find very reasonable pricing for what the Owner let their week(s) go for                                    


  Two Free Airline Tickets     for the month of " May " 2017 

Contact us: customer-service@   newgenerationweb.com. mx 

Phone us: +52-322-2994747           For more  information: 

            Real Estate

Want to sell  or   buy a Home?

Advertise with us!

New Generation Web is your best  choice...

Nobody does it for less !

We charge only 2% of the selling Price  0,5% Subscription Fee                max USD  $ 1299.00 

We will save you thousands of dollars in commission what you would pay to  a Real Estate Broker !

Contact us:  customer-service@  newgenerationweb.com.mx

  Phone us: +52-322-2994747

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       Qualified Travel

Hotels in Mexico inviting you to:

TWO FREE AIRLINE TICKETS INCL when you take one of this offers in:    2017  

Taxes are not incl.     Restriction how to use please ask. 

7 Nights stay                               Airport Pickup                                   Lot´s of Gift´s, Tours and Benefits   Enjoy a very Low cost if you give up 90 min. of your Vacation time for a:

    Vacation  Ownership                 Presentation

Vacation with your whole Family if you qualified..There is NO OBLIGATION   to buy anything but 3 out of 10  do join the Club. When you see how inexpensive  it is to travel like a Member and you like to save money, you maid join as  well...

Travel for the lowest cost there is for a whole week .....

Contact us:  customer-service@   newgenerationweb.com. mx

Phone us: +52-322-2994747

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Information for Business Owners....

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